Poohcraft (Wiping Up the Leftovers)

I’ve had some really interesting feedback on the whole poohcraft thing. To finish off properly – never a bad thing – here’s a roundup: A badger latrine – try to aim better than this! What I think is essential is taking a step back from the pooh-hole and taking a wider view. What we’re trying … Read more

Expedition Food (An Interview With Mikael Strandberg)

When travelling in the backcountry for more than a week or two, carrying enough food becomes a problem. What happens then? Should you consider hunting, fishing or foraging for extra calories or can you resupply en-route? As food is one of our most basic needs, extended periods with limited food can alter our thinking forever. … Read more

The Call Of The Mountains

Lately I’ve been finding myself drawn to mountains. Coming from the county of Kent where the highest point reaches a heady 251m above sea level I’m not a natural mountaineer but I can’t help being in awe of the wild splendour and rawness of mountainous areas. Last summer I popped over to Switzerland with my … Read more

Hemlock Water Dropwort

An interesting appearance a few weeks ago after some ditch clearance locally is Hemlock water dropwort (oenanthe crocata). Appearing to passers-by as just another clump of bright green spring growth this is in fact one of Britain’s most toxic plants (if not the most toxic). Cattle are commonly killed by the plant after it’s uprooted … Read more

Wild Food and Food Ethics (A Ramble Round )

Foraging for wild food has become very fashionable over the last two or three years. Is it a worthy attempt to use food sources that otherwise go to waste or are we just adding to the strain on the planet’s biodiversity already overstretched by our rapidly increasing population? With our increased interest in all things … Read more

Burdock Root (When Should I Harvest)

When looking for wild food sources we ideally want ones that can provide more bang for our buck – a reasonable return for the work we put into harvesting. When it comes to edible roots and tubers the first one that usually springs to mind is burdock. So how do we find the roots that … Read more

Why Can’t All Days Be Like This?

It’s a bright, cold morning with thick dew and a little frost on the tired autumn grass. We’ve come to a favourite spot in the Ashdown Forest in East Sussex. From our vantage point, looking north we can see for miles, right the way to the greensand ridge that borders the Weald. We’re in typical … Read more

Going Back To My Roots

I’ve recently returned to my childhood home for a while so I’m seeing the landscape here through fresh and more experienced eyes. The last time I was really part of this landscape all I wanted to do was pick blackberries, swing on clematis vines like a little ginger Tarzan or catch fish and crayfish. While … Read more

Beech Mast As A Food Source

The seed of the beech is known as mast. 2011 was a great year for Beech Mast on a couple of trees on my patch. As I watched the mast ripen my thoughts turned to the usefulness of this plentiful food source. Note: The specifics of this article refer to the European or Common Beech, … Read more

Improve Your Plant Identification (in 10 Steps)

I often get asked, “how can I improve my plant ID”? Whether it’s to improve your identification of edible, medicinal, or other useful plants or just to impress your friend plant identification is a useful skill. After the round-up of wild food books last week I thought was a good time to answer this question. … Read more